Is the largest and most innovative indoor asusement park for children in Cracow. On 2000 m2 children can take their agility, leadership and creativity superpowers to the next level while jumping through our state-of-the-art attractions.

Imperator Scrag had arrived on Earth and began the attack. Hurry! It is your – the Adept’s – task to defeat the villain and save the planet! Don’t worry, our GOkidz team will guide and help save the world from the forces of evil.

The GOkidz team trains with the Adepts on cosmic ninja tracks, slides and labyrinths to defeat Scrag.

During their mission the Adepts gain galactic points and special tokens to get to the next levels and join the GOkidz team!

Each of the Adepts has his own training profile with certifications, level indicator and powers. After each visit, there are additional presents waiting for him in the panel!

Be brave and defeat Scrag with the GOkidz team!