Single ticketMonday – FridaySaturday – Sunday, Holidays
Online | at the Ticket Office Online | at the Ticket Office
1 hour21 | 26 PLN29 | 34 PLN
2 hours29 | 34 PLN39 | 44 PLN
All day44 | 49 PLN49 | 54 PLN
Extra time0,35 PLN/minute0,45 PLN/minute
Family Card*- | -15% - | - 15%
Summer Pass
1 hour/day at GOkidz
- | 99 PLN- | 99 PLN
Summer Pass
1h hour/day at GOkidz + 1h hour/day at GOjump
- | 149 PLN- | 149 PLN
Gift voucher 2 hours44 44
Gift voucher All day5454
FREE Pass, 5 visits *** 150 PLN150 PLN
FREE Pass 10 visits **** 290 PLN 290 PLN
Monday-Friday from 10:00 am to 3:00 pm *****
125 PLN
GOkidz! + GOjump
(2h + 1h) 3 hours of fun!
49 PLN** 54 PLN**

Time is counted from the moment the entry wristband is issued. Only children can use the attractions in the park, parents can move the paths between attractions, or they can use the parent zone with delicious coffee, salty and sweet snacks. With children up to 4 years old, parents can stay in the toddler area.
The full-day ticket entitles you to one-time entry to the park.
*The discount applies to individual tickets. It is valid only when purchasing a ticket in the park. The discount is issued on the basis of each child’s card.
**A combined ticket can be bought only in the park.
***Name card valid for 45 days from Mon. to Sun. with an identity card. Unlimited play time.
****Name card valid for 90 days from Mon. to Sun. with ID. Unlimited play time.
*****Name card valid for 30 days with an identity card. Maximum 3 hours of fun during the 1st entry.
Losing the wristband 50 PLN.

Creative Pre-schooler, Robotics, Little Scientist, Sports Activities 140 PLN

Each child attending our classes at GOkidz! is welcome to enter the park for 30 minutes after the class.